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Black Bottle Brandy


In the late nineteenth century, Thomas Hardy – the man often referred to as “the father of the South Australian wine industry” – began a brandy legacy that endures to this day.

As he went about building his winemaking empire, he also began the patient and time-honoured undertaking of distilling and maturing barrel upon barrel of brandy. By the mid 1880s, Mr Hardy certainly had brandy on his mind. Contemplating his copper pot stills and considering his precious stores maturing in their oaken berths, he predicted:

We shall be able to produce a pure brandy equal to the best brands of French cognac.

A smooth one hundred years later and his creation – Black Bottle Brandy – won gold at a prestigious judging in Melbourne. Up against French Cognacs and brandies from Italy, Germany and the US, a panel of international experts awarded Black Bottle gold for brandies ‘less than five years of age’. Mr Hardy would have been ecstatic.

Thomas Hardy’s bold confidence in his brandy was not misplaced. There may have been name and ownership changes over 150 years, but the driving inspiration behind Black Bottle Brandy hasn’t wavered. This vision and consistency has been recognised many times over, with innumerable trophies, medals and prizes from all over the world. Black Bottle XO, arguably Australia’s finest aged brandy, has received over 120 awards in its lifetime, including 30 trophies and 54 gold medals.

Black Bottle Brandy is now owned by Vok Beverages, sister company to Bickford's and wholly South Australian. We’re a family company dedicated to Black Bottle Brandy’s legacy; so we immediately placed it in the hands of our head distiller. Then we bought and renovated an historic distillery.

Working from our stunningly renovated distillery in Renmark, our head distiller has brandy barrels decades old under his watchful eye. With world-class sophistication, state-of-the-art technology and sensibility steeped in tradition, he continues to create brandy of excellence and consistency.

We’re as loyally confident about the future of Black Bottle Brandy as its creator was, back in the 19th century. We predict many more accolades to come.


Treasured for over one and a half centuries and still going strong.

Esteemed by many, Black Bottle Classic Four Star Brandy is aged in hogshead oak casks for at least two years.

Tasting Note

Classic Brandy

An Australian icon; its delicate complexity has won admirers and awards worldwide.

The distinctive, black Four Star Brandy bottle appeared in circulation around 1950. The bottle – like the double pot distilled brandy it holds within – has altered little since.

This curiously squat, ridged bottle has a certain charm. Since its introduction it has graced many a bar, sideboard and dinner table. The name and ownership may have changed over the years, but Black Bottle’s quality and consistency have remained the same.

Tasting Note

A mellow bouquet gives way to a palate that’s smooth, round, and framed in vanilla and lifted spice. Careful blending from selected batches gives a delicate complexity that has won this Australian icon many awards. To be relished neat or on the rocks.

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Very Special
Australian Brandy

A luscious, world-class brandy for all to savour and appreciate.

Rich in colour, smooth in flavour, vivacious in style, this Very Special Australian Brandy is a fine medley of traditional and modern distillation methods.

Tasting Note

Very Special Australian Brandy

A fine medley of traditional and modern distillation methods.

Tasting Note

Rich in colour, smooth in flavour, vivacious in style, this VSAB is a fine medley of traditional and modern distillation methods. Traditionally aged, double pot-distilled brandy offers a rich roundness that is then lifted with single pot-distilled brandies. Every glorious drop has been hand-selected and matured over years in French and American oak barrels, capturing a fine brightness of character and an elegance on the palate. Flavours meld and entwine producing heady spice notes and tannins, a rich long mouth feel, and an elemental joie de vivre to be savoured.

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Steeped in tradition and lavished with awards.

With aromas of aged vanilla oak and a spiced sherry-like character, Black Bottle XO is the defining legacy of a Head Distiller at the pinnacle of his talents.

Tasting Note

XO Brandy

Mature, complex and lush, our head distiller’s defining legacy.

Heritage and modern sophistication culminate in Black Bottle XO, a family-owned brandy revered by generations. Steeped in tradition and lavished with awards, Black Bottle XO is the magnificent result of over 150 years of South Australian winemaking.

Tasting Note

With lavish aromas of aged vanilla oak and a spiced sherry-like character, Black Bottle XO is the defining legacy of a master distiller at the pinnacle of his talents. Eighteen-year-old double pot distilled spirit forms the remarkable foundation of this uniquely Australian XO. Meticulously chosen parcels of up to 40-year-old double pot brandy are blended in to add a sumptuous depth and an almost viscous complexity.

The palate is dominated by aged toasty oak and raisin with gentle hints of fig, cinnamon and hazelnut. A rich finish of dark chocolate and toffee that lingers long and slow in the mouth shows all the hallmarks of great refinement.

Savour Black Bottle XO neat. Immerse yourself in its unparalleled complexity and discover the fine line between alchemy and science.

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Classic Brandy

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XO Brandy

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